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Substance Abuse Counseling


Substance Abuse Care

Cases of addiction and substance abuse are frightening for everyone involved—for both the patient as well as friends and family. The Progress Place, Inc. offers caring, compassionate, non-medical treatment for those struggling with substance abuse.

Who We Help

The Progress Place offers treatment to both adolescents and adults who may be suffering from addiction or chronic substance abuse. We do not use medication in our treatments. What we do is take care of the psychological aspects of substance abuse recovery and counsel patients on their options and the importance of getting clean and sober. We want our patients to lead full, productive lives, and we can help them make that important step in putting their addiction behind them.


Our Approach

At The Progress Place, we offer outpatient treatment by licensed, trained professionals. We offer understanding, compassionate care geared to each individual patient. Treating an adolescent is usually quite different from treating an adult, for example. We believe that our patients can overcome their addiction or substance abuse issues; our job is merely to give them the tools necessary for success.

Give us a call today at 678-894-0288 to learn more, or, if you’re a professional, fill out our referral forms to get started!
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