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CORE Care for Children, Youth, and Adults

Not all cases are the same. That’s why The Progress Place, Inc. customizes our CORE program to whatever age bracket or unique situation applies to you. 

How Does CORE Work?

A member of our counseling team will meet with the patient one to two times per week in their home, school, or community setting. This is considered a less invasive level of care than our Intensive Family Intervention program, though patients may have previously been in the IFI program.

The goal of the CORE program is to promote stability and age-appropriate functioning in day-to-day environments. We give you the tools needed to cope with your unique situation, no matter what your state or recovery may look like.


What Happens at CORE Appointments?

At your appointments, our counselors will provide counseling and offer behavior management techniques. We will offer patients the skills, training, and resources necessary to maintain full functionality in society without slipping into bad habits or illegal activities. Whether treating adults or children, our aim is to keep the patients functioning at a high level.

Give us a call today at 678-894-0288 to learn more, or, if you’re a professional, fill out our referral forms to get started!
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