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Outpatient Therapy


Outpatient Therapy & Psychiatric Care

Outpatient therapy from The Progress Place, Inc. is aimed at providing as-needed recovery and management for each client’s unique condition. Whether dealing with behavior modification or recovery, we can help.

Understanding Outpatient Therapy

The Progress Place, Inc. offers therapy sessions in-home or in our offices, depending on the patient’s needs and preferences. Unlike the IFI or CORE programs, the schedule and frequency of these therapeutic sessions are determined on a case-by-case basis. We could meet weekly, we could meet monthly; it all depends on the situation. The goal will always be helping the patient overcome or manage their condition.


Who Provides the Therapy?

Whether you meet with a trained counselor or a Board-Certified Psychiatrist or Psychologist will depend on the particulars of your situation. Outpatient therapy may be coupled with medication management if this is appropriate. No matter what, The Progress Place wants to help patients get better. All of our staff are courteous and even-handed professionals who will take your needs seriously. Patients can speak freely and with confidence: we are here to help!

Give us a call today at 678-894-0288 to learn more, or, if you’re a professional, fill out our referral forms to get started!
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