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IFI Team Lead

The primary role of the Team Lead is to provide administrative support and clinical supervision to professionals serving on the Intensive Family Intervention team. This position will provide direction of policies and procedures to treatment teams and crisis support to staff. The Lead will report to the Clinical Director and provide updates on the team's progress.


Leaders will also be required to provide mental health services to children/adolescents and their families in an outpatient or community setting. Duties will include, individual counseling, family counseling, and treatment plans. This role requires some contact within the community and may take place in locations such as homes, public schools, courts, and community centers.




Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Professional Counselor (preferred) or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

At least 2 years IFI experience

Knowledge of community resources

Excellent communication skills

Knowledge of and experience with diverse populations



ST (In-Person) - Master's (Required)
  • Act as a liaison between clients, families, and the resources that are on offer, carefully outlining possibilities and fostering relationships.

  • Provide incisive advice to customers and their families on person-centered plans and associated issues, encouraging a coordinated and knowledgeable strategy.

  • Utilize your insightful evaluation abilities to analyze the mental and emotional health of the patient and inform treatment plans.

  • Assist in the active pursuit of recovery and rehabilitation objectives by offering practical assistance for mental health and drug misuse treatment.

  • Helping families and clients find services and accessing necessary resources will be your first priority.

  • To both clients and family, offer crucial psychoeducational assistance.

  • Planning and execution of individual treatment sessions in accordance with person-centered strategies.



  • Maintain a primary caseload of C&A with mental illness and/or substance abuse issues.

  • Explain and link consumers and families to available services.

  • Provide information to and consult with consumers and families/legally responsible persons on person centered plans and other issues.

  • Assess and monitor a consumer’s progress and psychiatric/emotional stability

  • Provide direct intervention for mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation services and supports necessary to assist C&A in achieving rehabilitative and recovery goals.

  • Assist consumers and families in obtaining and accessing services.

  • Providing psycho-education and support for consumers and families.

  • Provide or arrange for individual and group therapy for consumers, as indicated in person plan.


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