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Intensive Family Intervention


Intensive Family Intervention Program


When a young person is recently released from detention or psychiatric care and needs regular check-ins with professionals, we can help!

What is Intensive Family Intervention?

At intervals of about three times per week, our staff will visit with the adolescent in his or her home. We’re there to talk through the individual’s issues, concerns, and difficulties, as well as offer advice on optimizing the patient’s home life to whatever degree is feasible.

Generally, this option or stage of the recovery process is for high-risk individuals and lasts about six months.


Getting the Help Needed

The IFI program offers necessary mental health care without the threatening atmosphere of a facility. We don’t want your student placed out of the home any more than you do! That’s why we strive to offer comprehensive, intensive care when it’s needed most. We do not shy away from tough cases, and our goal is to help youth and adolescents avoid recidivism and stay away from a troubled path.

Give us a call today at 678-894-0288 to learn more, or, if you’re a professional, fill out our referral forms to get started!
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